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Discover how IPG Oil and Gas can meet your energy needs with our comprehensive range of specialized services, tailored to optimize efficiency, ensure safety, and drive success in the oil and gas industry

Petroleum & LPG

At IPG Oil and Gas, we provide a comprehensive range of petroleum and LPG products to meet the energy needs of our clients. From gasoline and diesel to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), we offer high-quality fuels and gases for various applications, ensuring reliable performance and efficiency

Supply of LPG Nationwide

With our extensive network and logistics expertise, IPG Oil and Gas offers nationwide supply of LPG, ensuring seamless access to this clean and versatile energy source. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, we deliver LPG safely and efficiently to locations across the country

Installation of LPG Systems

Our skilled team specializes in the installation of LPG systems, providing turnkey solutions for clients looking to adopt LPG as an alternative fuel source. From design and engineering to installation and commissioning, we ensure the safe and efficient implementation of LPG systems tailored to our clients' needs

Supply of LPG Nationwide

IPG Oil and Gas is your trusted partner for nationwide supply of diesel fuel, delivering high-quality diesel to businesses, industries, and institutions across the country. With our reliable supply chain and commitment to excellence, we ensure uninterrupted access to diesel for your operations.

Production and Sales of Automotive Lubricants

Our automotive lubricants are engineered to provide superior protection and performance for vehicles of all types. From engine oils to transmission fluids, our lubricant products meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity for your vehicles.

Design and Construction of LPG Skids of Various Sizes

IPG Oil and Gas specializes in the design and construction of LPG skids of various sizes, offering scalable solutions for the storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas. Our custom-designed LPG skids are built to the highest quality standards, incorporating advanced safety features and efficient functionality.